Good morning friends! It feels so good to be back to my blog! I have developed a deep love for writing in the past year and am excited to channel that love through my blog! Also, I promise to continue sharing the upcoming changes that are so exciting, along with my daily thoughts and experiences! I took the last two months off, from blogging to really focus on my presence, and what I want to cultivate for the near future! So much in the works, but through it all, I hope the fruit of my works inspire, motivate, invigorate, define and rejuvenate your soul!

How was your weekend? Mine was great! I stayed with some friends in a secluded log-cabin in the woods. We had bonfires each night, roasted marshmallows, went hiking, zip lining and relaxed in the hot tub. It was wonderful! There is something about the outdoors that makes me feel so alive! I loved it!

Speaking of the outdoors, the Sedona event is right around the corner! I cannot wait! We’ll have classes that perpetuate your personal growth and expansion, I’ll channel spirit, and we’ll also do a group hike and guided meditation! I’ve learned so much from my guides this past year, and look so forward to sharing it with all of you! They’ve taught me what consciousness actually is, how silence speaks in many forms, and so on. This is some of what I’ll be sharing in Sedona. I can’t wait! Last year was amazing, so I look forward to this year as well! Tickets are only on sale until Sept, 15th, so don’t wait to get yours! You can purchase them here.

One last announcement… I will be moving my website to a wordpress platform soon, and as we transition to the new platform, everything will look completely different, but hopefully much more visually appealing and user friendly! I can’t wait! This is long overdue! I’ll keep you posted on the progress of the website build, and launch dates!

Now, finally, onto today’s message. I want to take time in tis post to highlight resiliency, what it is and how to employ it in our daily lives, so we can live a life free of entrapment and suffering. Resiliency is key to internal happiness, and it helps us to carry Grace within, in order to experience life with ease. We all know that the older we get, the faster life seems to pass us by. And amidst all of life’s unpredictable changes, sometimes we’re left scratching our heads, fixating on the aftermath of an experience. And, it’s  in that aftermath that we stagnate ourselves as we fight reality, and demand and understanding. When this fixation takes hold, we get lost in it. We can’t see anything else, and it envelops our consciousness, completely. Situations come and go and circumstances pass us by. Life is always ever-evolving, so we must chose to go with the flow, of that evolution.  This is where resiliency is born-when we allow ourselves to adapt to a new reality. Like I said, life is always changing, and when we allow ourselves to adapt to the changes, there is less inner disturbance.

Adaptability and acceptance work like opening channels for energy to continue to flow through you, whereas, resistance closes the channel, and contracts the growth. Furthermore, our consciousness generally focuses on the place of greatest distraction and becomes enveloped by it. For example, babies crying, traffic noises, and even our thoughts can impede on our presence and envelop our consciousness. In order to continue moving through something, such as a life experience, a situation or various circumstances, we must allow ourselves complete adaptability to the present moment. As we do, this will soften the grip that the past has on us, and whatever it was we were fixated on to begin with.  Resiliency allows us to adapt and overcome change-something some individuals aren’t so keen on.

Remembering our essence through change, is key. Often times, when our consciousness becomes enveloped by an event, or a circumstance, we let that event or experience define us and our consciousness. This is precisely when we begin to lose sight of who we are, and carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Then, suddenly depression and other emotions creep in leading to despair. Through the chaos of change, if we remain resilient through adaptability, we stay grounded in it all and won’t lose sight of our true selves.

Overcome drastic life changes and stagnancy by employing presence and adaptability.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a fantastic week! Have an idea for a blog topic? Comment below!


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