Waiting in Vain

Hello everyone! Waking up here in Oahu on my birthday is such a wonderful feeling! I have been overwhelmed by birthday wishes from all of you, and it is so very fulfilling! Thank you all so much!

There is something about this island that feels like home. The energy here is so calm, so slow and it has a way of gently keeping you in the present moment. The people here are never in a hurry, they take the time to make eye contact, and offer a welcoming messages. The landscape is absolutely breathtaking, and the seascape is awe-inspiring!  It truly is paradise on many levels!

On the way here to Hawaii, my friend, Maggie, said something that triggered so many thoughts and inspiration within me that I just had to share; waiting in vain.

How many of us are actually waiting in vain? What do I mean by this? Well, if we take a look around, observe our lives carefully, and the things in life that we hope for, or wish for- and wait for. Ultimately, the waiting does become ‘waiting in vain.’ I believe that it’s quiet rare in life for something to just happen, or just fall into our laps. When we sit around and just wait for things to happen in our favor, it turns into waiting in vain.

We wait like savages, with the hope or belief that the very future events that we’re waiting on, will be our salvation, our saving grace. We wait for things to happen, circumstances to change, and ultimately our belief that the future holds our happiness, and we are to wait until the time is right, for us to experience it. In this process, we become enslaved to the waiting, the wishing.  All of this, is indeed waiting in vain. There is a big difference in waiting in vain, and holding Faith.

I believe that we act in and through faith, to make things happen for ourselves, and it’s that faith that keeps us hopeful and active during the pursuit of our dreams. Faith works with us, simultaneously, as we strive higher, and is the fuel for our engines that keeps us strong. Waiting in vain, however, is much different. If we simply wait, and don’t put forth the effort to make things happen for ourselves, throughout our lives, this, I believe, is the waiting we become enslaved to, and it’s safety net is misery. It’s like a trap. We keep waiting, holding onto the belief that the future will bring relief in some way. And when it doesn’t, we suffer, we become disappointed in circumstances and ultimately feed our own misery.

Presence is the key to happiness, joy and absolute freedom. By absolute, I mean pure, untouchable, unbreakable and complete. In that presence, faith becomes our best friend, and works side by side, step by step with us, as we take action towards our dreams. Utilize faith to fuel your engine, and take action! No more waiting. The universe will match your energy directly, and reflect it back to you, in many ways throughout your life.

The future will never come, and can never be experienced. Only the present moment can ever be experienced. So use this present moment, like the biggest, brightest gift of opportunity to take action. Step by step, work your way to what you desire in life!

The saddest thing in life, is to die every day inside, staying trapped inside routine, and waiting in vain. Take the leap, take action, live, try, believe, trust, go on adventures, explore, be curious, stay inspired, be spontaneous, laugh, unwind, let go and live free. But live, always in a way that moves you closer to your own heart, and your dreams!

Wishing you all a wonderful Sunday!!


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