True Self Revealed

Good afternoon! It’s the last day of July, so hard to believe and kinda breaks my heart because summer is my favorite season! I’ve been getting outside as much as I possibly can this summer and enjoying it to the fullest, so I really can’t complain. It’s been a great summer so far!

Before I dive into today’s topic, I want to offer a few simple reminders:

  1. Mercury is in retrograde until Aug 18th, so don’t take anything too seriously or personally right now.

  2. This is a great time to clean up finances and rebuild relationships that need attention.

  3. Insecurities will push their way to the surface too, during this time, offering new opportunity to reclaim your power over them. Pay attention!

Ok, on to the topic for today.  After a series of visions yesterday, watching energy transform from one state to another, I was inspired to write about this and what I saw.  The revelation of the true self.

Currently in our society, there is a massive fear of inferiority. This fear then leads to many patterns of resistance, to avoid feeling inferior in some way.  As we develop the patterns of resistance, we run from our true self. It’s the ego that tries to convince us that our true self can be harmed in some when, when in fact, it cannot. And the belief in that, is what begins the pattern of resistance. We become disillusioned from our true self, instead of allowing our vulnerability to reveal our true selves.

The very things that we try to outrun are the things trying to help us see ourselves at the soul level.  When we can fully own our vulnerabilities, they no longer are insecurities, but places of revelation and facets of growth and expansion.


  1. Analyze your personal patterns of resistance, and embrace the lesson- what is it teaching you about your true self?

  2. How can you evolve past the resistance and expand on a personal level.

  3. Name at least two vulnerabilities that you can own, and alleviate as insecurities.

I hope this short and sweet post helps you to see things in your own beautiful light! Let it keep shining!

Topic suggestions? Email me and I’ll channel my guides!

Take care of yourselves, and go the extra distance! xo

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