To Stay Awake

We move through life, breath by breath, we shift and we flow,

running against the dying days to learn what makes us grow.

With the strength to look within, reveals a road of patches and seasoned history,

teaching us to follow the sacred,...honor the mystery.

Ever learning how to walk in our fire....dissolving the forgery,

remembering to let love in and clear the old story.

We cursed and we cried, even threw stones at the sky,

walked the path of surrender until sweet Grace became our bly.

Upon its arrival the soul felt its worth, and for the very first time experienced the rapture of mirth.

Let us be moved by the sounds of the river that flow through our heart,

and from all things that bring disgrace-we shall depart.

Employed by our inner witness and deepest wonder,

we no longer allow judgement to put us under.

Ancient wisdom pours down with reverence,

blessing us with new eyes- fine tuned with patience.

Hear the language of the great spirit call,

awakening the one- in ALL.

To stay awake begins with you, brave enough to dance with truth.

Have a lovely Monday friends!

With Grace, Kimberly

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