The True Meaning of Spirituality

Good evening friends! Well, they say Mercury is in retrograde, and as a Gemini, I am ruled by Mercury. Interesting. I have to say, all I know is that the vibes from the planets, especially the full moon rising, feel like absolute magic! To me it feels like a window, an open place of infinite possibilities to step into! Take that leap. Mercury is in retrograde until May 3rd. My guides tell me its a place for growth and manifestation right now, and although that may not align with what astrologers say, I’ll always trust my guides first! So, get busy manifesting!

This retrograde is only in day 1, the first 24 hrs., and I’ve declared that it will work in my favor, and sure enough, it is! You can do the same! If a human could combust with gratitude, I surely would right now. Soon I’ll be able to share some great news, a huge project I’m working on for you guys! But the time is not now, for me to reveal anything just yet.

On another note, I heard from my publisher today, and we are tentatively looking to launch my book June 1st, which would be great! Nothing written in stone yet though. I’ll keep you guys posted on that, too!

Ok, now on to tonight’s post. I want to touch upon what I feel is the true meaning of spirituality. Spirituality is not a decoration for the ego, so be mindful that it doesn’t become that for you. Calling ourselves spiritual wont ‘get’ us anything. We must always remember too, that dressing a certain way or wearing certain jewelry doesn’t make us more spiritual either. It’s a beautiful way to express yourself, yes, but make you more spiritual, not so much.

It’s quite simple. True spirituality is the capacity to view all sacred, spiritual and religious rituals in adoration. The capacity to love them all, and see them all, as your gateway to heaven. Why? Well, it’s easy, this creates unity. As we unite, we write our own invitation into the Kingdom of Heaven, after all, I do believe God wants us to be all loving, hence, all accepting too.

A true spiritually aligned individual upholds the capacity to know and understand that true spirituality, does not capitalize on itself as, and does not employ the belief of a system of hierarchy and inferiority. It is not fixed on any specific rituals, rather, knows the beauty in them all. True spirituality is the understanding that the ways in which we connect to God, are infinite, and therefore sees and knows God in everything- without limits or parameters. True spirituality is the capacity to see the beauty in all rituals of faith, accept them all, and coexist with them all, knowing that all of these places of acceptance are the true gateway to heaven-in your heart, … ultimately creating unity.  When we can allow ourselves to coexist with all other ‘types’ in the world, we contribute to the collective, to God and in doing so we create unity.

It all begins in the heart. And personally, I believe, this is what Heaven on Earth really is. When we uphold the capacity to love and adore all things, we are in a place of complete peace, freedom and nirvana. This, is Heaven on Earth.

So, I simply want to challenge you to reach out, beyond your comfortable limits, boundaries or parameters, and accept something new, something different. For, you never know when you are building your own bridge, right into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Wishing you a restful night, in pure bliss under the starry, moonlit sky!

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