Sedona Spiritual Retreat Recap

Earlier in October I had the pleasure and sheer joy of hosting another spiritual retreat in Sedona, Arizona. The event was a blissful experience that brought so much inspiration to my heart.

With the friends that come and attend these events with me, I leave feeling so empowered by their strength and courage. The stories and lives shared among each other at each of these events, move me to new levels of humility and gratitude. I am truly deeply inspired by everyone’s demonstration of love and vulnerability, and I walk away a stronger person because of what my friends share at these events.

I guess, in all honesty, that is the fruit of my labor. To see everyone so strong in their vulnerability-that’s a beautiful thing. Unity happens there and to witness that is the greatest gift of all.

As I progress and evolve, I continually look for ways to advance myself and develop these retreats further. I look forward to creating more interactive retreats that engage the mind, body and soul on many levels!

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all who come to these events and support this work. I cherish you all, more than you know!

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