Q &A round 3

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Good evening everyone! I hope you’re all doing wonderfully well, and ready for the weekend!

It has been a wonderful week of sessions this week, and not only am I astonished at the way my awareness is changing from witness consciousness to first person consciousness through kinesthesia, but also the magnificent way that spirit continues to share guidance in their way. I am ever-learning the ways of spirit, the ways of energy. To say the least, I am deeply humbled.

I want to express my.  deep deep gratitude to all of you, for allowing me to channel for you, and sharing your trust.

ok, here wa are:

  1. Corina  Escobar-Q: ” What do you see about my love life?” A: It’s your turn, your time. You’ve shared and you’ve witnessed the love of others. The great undoing you’ve gone though over the last few years have polished clarity for who YOU are, and what you have to share. Maintain the embodiment of that and you’ll attract your partner that shares the same things. Like attracts like. Readiness and manifestation occur upon embodiment. Lay down your fear of betrayal, for truly, only you can betray your own heart.”

  2. Kym Hackett-Q: ” My dear friend is succumbing to ovarian cancer, and I’d like to know the best action I can take for her.” A: Kym, I am praying for you, and your sweet friend. “The best action you can take currently is friendship. Share love and compassion with her as you normally would, and be mindful not to fall into pity over her. Comfort her with and through the normalcy of your friendship. Let nothing come between your ability to love her and communicate with her. Trust that she knows what is best for herself and allow her the space to honor her decisions- and for yourself, live as if time wasnt real.”

  3. Christine Shumate-Q:” ” Ive been struggling with a life changing decision and i’m not sure what to do, is there any spiritual guidance for me?” A: ” Christine, spirit loves you. You need not know the way, nor the outcome to know your heart’s desire. Put the desire in the front of you… Hold yourself in alignment to your greatest desire, your highest possible outcome, with unshakeable faith the way and the outcome will align to the desire that pulses from within you. Go in the direction of you HEART, always.”

  4. Josie Cole-Q ” AM I where I’m supposed to be in my life?” A: ” Josie, trust your destiny to hold you, right where you’re needed, right where you are. There’s nothing greater than the now, and nothing other than what you are. Trust and let it be. Behold, you are the keeper of your own destiny. “

  5. Trisha Lynn-Q ” Wondering if I’m going into remission. Is there hope that I will be healed?” A: ” Trisha, hope keeps you connected to your desire, never become hopeless.  Get clear with your faith, declare it to be so, and by your very own faith, you shall be (already are) healed. By your faith, undoubted faith, you shall move mountains, heal disease and harmonize nations. Be it so for you.”

  6. Amy Traywick- Q  “Any guidance for me for the year? A: ” Amy, do not be afraid when you witness your own growth, and perhaps don’t recognize yourself at first. For the newness that you’ve declared upon yourself will demand your life to change. You are limitless. The old aspects of you that face mortality, must process their death to allow new inhabitants. Fortitude of healthy habits will serve you much further than goals will. Look fiercely into the face of your destiny with creative eyes.”

  7. Chris Larocco -Q ” Do you see me moving in the next year?” A: ” Yes Chris, August time frame this year, you’ll manifest the opening. Prepare now however, so the unknowns and unfinished things, do not hold you up later. The opportunity will open quickly,  and family matters may be dense at the time, so the better organized you are now for this transition of growth, the easier you’ll move through it when it arrives.”

  8. Helen Tomasino-Racanelli- Q “Will Guy’s cancer treatments be successful? Will he be ok?” A: “Helen, let your Fatih not be determined but the outcome of another’s life situations. He will always be ok.  Do not grow in concern, for if you. do,  you will discard truth, meaning, awareness and embodiment. You will abandon yourself. Invite Guy to receive medicine of all forms. From the rays of sun light, to the song of the birds, to the helping hands of his care givers, he is loved. The greater his ability to be present and receive, the greater his miracle.”

  9. Alisha Shook- Q “ My. stepfather passed away last week. I would just like to know that he is ok?” A: Alisha, first I want to offer my sincere heartfelt love and Grace. I am so sorry for your loss. ” Your stepfather knows of your love and thought for him. It was his time, and he was ready to step into a new light, and new life. He is at peace and in awe of this place of light. Trust that his departing was of ease, and Grace. Losing loved ones is very hard, but do not let it turn your trust in destiny upside down. “

  10. Birgitt Macho-Q “ May I ask if there is a matching partner for me somewhere out there or has my soul planned to experience being single for the rest of my life?” A: “Birgitt, we have two aspects here to address. The aspect of your soulmate, and the aspect of your soul contract. You see, your heart’s desire- your destiny, is your soul’s contract, ever-changing. And your desires are ever changing-  because of your free will. You were never made or designed to be limited nor forsaken. To be finite nor alone. The question, the heart’s truth, poses itself to your witness consciousness because it recognizes the mind’s untruth. Your heart knows it belongs to a greater truth, to the whole, and its longing to experience itself…in another-your soulmate. So, knowing this, yes indeed your soulmate is realized and ready.”

Ok guys, I hope you can truly live, love and learn from these beautiful message from my guides! Wishing you all a beautiful night’s rest, the sunrise in your heart in the morning and may blessings fall upon you all weekend long.

I’m off to the cookie plate before bed.

Be blessed

With Grace,


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