Psychic Abilities are Universal

Hello friends! It’s finally the weekend! How are you ? Ready to kick your feet up a bit? Well, go ahead and take it easy. Let yourself have a relaxing evening. Pour yourself a warm cup of your favorite Joe and snuggle in. After-all, doesn’t it feel good to allow yourself to…..feel good. AAhhhh, yes it does!

Spirit has been so beautiful the last few days in their messaging. The sweet, subtle whispers of inspiration that linger in the afterglow of meditations…all precious gifts of revelation that I love sharing with all of you!

The messages I keep hearing, come through so quickly that I find myself stopping a lot more lately and taking notes so I can come back to it later and unfold the full message with spirit. This message has been coming through a lot lately, and in multiple ways. So here is the latest channeled message from spirit. Enjoy!

Psychic abilities are universal. If something, anything, is universal it is shareable. Consciousness is shareable. This world is not our own, and what a relief it is to know this. We belong, regardless of circumstances in life, we belong. The universe is always longing to hold us and nurture us, all we have to do is surrender.

Upon the surrender a great transformation is bound to occur. We fall back into the whole once again. Surrender of the “self” allows us to dissolve that point of reference, and truly feel our connection and to feel connected once again. As we become overly concerned about ourselves and our lives, we we squeeze ourselves in such a way, making ourselves small and awareness so incredibly limited….of course it could get scary.

As we float into witness consciousness, we immediately expand and become lighter. Enlightenment is contagious, consciously and subconsciously. When we surrender, we return to our greater belonging. The place where there is no separation, therefore, information is limitless, knowing is natural, and vision is clear. Embodiement of information is fulfilled in all ways and there is no play for the state of resistance. You are delivered, made whole, in the space between you thoughts. Question your belonging and trigger the ego/separation once more.

We all belong to the same source and that source can be accessed anytime, by anyone, as it lives within us all. It is our universal nature and ability. ”

The message continues to unfold itself, and as I hear/see more, I’ll continue to share!

James and I are heading out for an afternoon bike ride here in Florida! I hope its warm and sunny and the perfect afternoon for lemonade wherever you are in the world!

Sending you all big love and smiles!

yours truly,


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