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 The following is a group of questions, submitted by friends looking to connect & expand in their growth with Yeshua.

Dear Yeshua – I sincerely want to connect to you and channel your answers to my personal questions.  What exactly should I do to build my “spiritual muscles” to connect the quickest to you?  Will I hear your voice or will it be “thoughts” I get?  Blessings, suzy

“ Suzy, you must stop searching, be still so you can hear my voice. I am already a part of you, and you already have me. You must not look, but be still and realize my presence within you. You are searching because you already have me, therefore, you ARE that which you are searching for, that’s why you’re searching for it. You must only be still now, surrender your heart unto me. You shall hear me, through your heart, knowing it is my voice that speaks through you, not to you. You are my living resurrection. True spirituality is divinely aligning with all that is. So, in order to expand in that, just love. Remember, you already have me, and I have you. Trust what is spoken, in your heart.”


Hello~ Can you please explain the gift of speaking in tongues… I Love You~ Thank You Angela

“ Angela, this gift comes in many forms. Speaking in tongues is not just for the wise, but for all. Expanded consciousness upheld within man can accumulate the gift of speaking in many tongues, and understanding at the vibrational level, the meaning, the understanding of it all. Communication will soon transfer to an energetic, telepathic type, in which words and language come secondary. Man must first surrender the state of mind, and hold tight to the state of heart instead. The heart holds all of the truths to the universe, and understanding that is beyond languages. When one is connected to the heart, and allows information to flow freely, the gift of speaking in tongues is experienced.”


Hi, Kim.

I am in a difficult situation right now and I want to ask for a message from Yeshua. 

Thank you, Catheryn

“Catheryn, you may feel as though you have lost your grip, and control escapes you, but do not rely on the feeling of control, to have faith. Put into practice, the faith the carries you through the hardest of times, and in turn you will surrender the anxieties that weaken your faith. You trust in control, and feeling as though you have power in control, but this will eventually pass way. Your true power comes from within, from faith. Faith is the power to connect through the heart and let inner guidance shine through. “


What was one of Yeshua’s most treasured experiences in his life as Jesus? I was wondering if there is some kind of Mass or Homily presented  and celebrated in heaven, like going to church? Thank you with gratitude and love from my heart, peace and Love!


“ Hello Jamie. The time that I treasured most, in my life was spending time with children and teaching my carpentry skills to others. The simple, unplanned moments of playfulness are the most precious. Watching others learn from me, as they trust themselves to be vulnerable was, and still is the most beautiful process.  

There are teachings/celebrations of all kinds here, continually in existence (happening). Heaven is a place of all knowing, complete and pure consciousness. With that awaken state, there is no need for suffering. There is no suffering at all. You can chose to be a part of a teaching, or merge with it to share in the awareness of it. Here, once you know it, or merge with it energetically, there is no need to ‘repeat’ it. Instead, you’ll embody it, eternally.”


Dear Jeshua

Is the Nag Hammadi authentic? Were you correctly quoted when you praised Mary Magdelaine for her understanding of the biblical texts? She appears to be a religious scholar of some standing? “ Indeed, the Nag Hammadi is authentic reliable information that can still be access to revisit history. Nag Hammadi is a collection of information, volumes of documented history. Mary Magdelaine understood my truth, and my teachings. She understood my parables and the symbolic meanings of my messages. Mary was capable of understanding multiple levels of teachings as she understood the symbolism very well. She let faith lead her, vulnerability.”



Hello beautiful Kim, here I go with my questions:

1) I am curious to ask you about the Trinity concept that I so often hear in church. We are told that is: “Father (God), you and the Holy Spirit”. Can you please shed some light into that?

“ Fabiana, the Trinity is the representation of the immortality and continuum of life. The father creator of all that is, is the living force within you, and everything else in existence. There is no true death, only death of particular forms. God is eternally creating and renewing life forms in all things. You embody the immortal life force of God, the Holy spirit within you. This is the living trinity, inside you, and inside all things.  

2) I know in other interviews you have mentioned that many passages in the Bible are interpretations and not necessarily what happened but I wanted to ask you in particular about the para at Matthew 5:18: “Until Heaven and Earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass away from the law, until all is accomplished”. If these are your true words, what did you mean by that?

“ This means that nothing shall disobey the law of God. It cannot be. There is no existence outside of God, therefore, every action and occurrence happens in God. In Heaven and Earth nothing will pass away, as God is the life force in everything. God is the existence of everything- its being in nature. Everything in existence is inside the law of God, so when all is complete, and everything aligns, on earth and in the heavens-oneness is achieved. It is then complete.  “


Hi Kim it’s Maggie!

I would like to ask Jeshua how to deal with anger issues to be more patient towards people, I find myself losing my patience more and more with time I wish I can be better for my husband and people around me because they deserve the best. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to connect with Jeshua, blessings.

‘Mag gie, you mustn’t let your emotions govern your capacity to love yourself, or others. The emotions will surely veil you from your true self in love, compassion and patience. When you feel temptations, to fall into the emotions, especially anger, dig deeper for your ability to have compassion. When you anger towards another, you are not seeing yourself in the other. See yourself in everyone you meet. Let them be a reflection, of a particle of you, and you to them. Let your being express your love to others and your creator. Feel through the heart, before you think. The heart always speaks compassion. The mind knows conditional existence, and utilizes the emotions to express what it knows. The heart survives beyond that into a place of unconditional love, that governs the emotions, allowing you to exist in uconditional love.”


Personally I feel as though people focus on the details of the events of Jesus’s life instead of his teachings. I feel he was a way-shower. Showing us the way back to which we came. Unity. Love. Fractional- separate yet part of the whole. From that thought I wonder if he achieved what the east calls “the rainbow body?”

“The rainbow body is a way to understand the makeup of our soul- at the core level. A light scale that reflects light, as it becomes conscious of particular matter. My mission was and is to show the way of the heart, that only true love is real. This is the way of the heart, and unity. Have compassion towards all things, and let nothing suffer at your hand. Practice mindfulness to achieve this.”


Second question: is the holy grail a physical cup or chalice? 

The Holy grail, most widely known is symbolically represented by the chalice. The chalice, and receiving what is inside of it is symbolic of receiving. In truth, the Holy Grail is a state of awareness, through consciousness. Receiving yourself, as a part of the whole. It is the epiphany of all that is, and one’s understanding of existence within that.”  


Hi Kim, Good Morning. 

 I am on a contractual job which is very temporary and I may lose it on any fine day.  I am trying very hard to find a stable job but have not been able to do so in past 1 year. Could you please provide guidance to me from the other side on this situation? –Manoj

“Manoj, work will turn over quickly for you, but as it does you will already have new job opportunities lined up. You’ll have a close friend that presents a lasting job opportunity. The purpose in this is not to fixate on what job, but to realize this too, shall pass. Every phase of life will pass away, and as you practice faith in what you hope for, you shall realize that faith as your destiny. It has always been your destiny, because faith will lead you home. Have faith in every step of the process, knowing that each step is only temporary. Meanwhile, do not let your self worth suffer accordingly.”


I hope these messages, and guidance from Yeshua, find their way into your heart and your lives. I truly honor your bravery to all of you who submitted your questions. My hope is that through the guidance offered, you find restored faith! Keep sending in your questions, and I’ll post them here, monthly!- Kim

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