Good afternoon to you, my friends! How are you? I hope you’re all doing well, and feeling strong! We’re almost to the weekend!

Me? well, honestly, I’m hanging in there, even though my allergies are in FULL affect. I’ll begin injection therapy (allergy shots) tomorrow, and praying for relief. It seems they are getting worse each year, and I’m noticing some respiratory reactions, which is kinda scary. Anyways, the countdown to Hawaii is on! In just a couple weeks I’ll be heading to Oahu and I can’t wait! I’ll be filming a lot of material for you guys while there, and will even be live streaming from an event on the 27th, so stay tuned! Anyways, I’ll get to the reason I’m here.

As a medium, I often hear guidance that I know will be valuable to share to so many, and this message is no different. It may raise a few eyebrows, or make a few people blush, but I’m ok with that. I’m getting over my own modestly issues and accepting it all, for what it is.

Lately, my guides have been talking about the importance of intimacy, on so many levels, across the board. No, I’m not just talking about sex, but that is a part of it. I’m talking about the personal capacity within us all, to be intimate with someone, anyone and anything. Intimacy is much bigger than the thought, and idea of sex. We’ll get into that topic later, but I think by really unraveling the meaning of intimacy, we’ll understand ourselves much deeper.

Only your soul, can know the soul of other things, and that knowing comes from heart centered awareness. This, it true, pure and divine intimacy. But before we can even get to that level of intimacy, we must die to ourselves. What I mean, is we must allow our false self to die, before true, and real intimacy with anything can take place. The false self that can justify hatred, racism, criticism, war, egocentrism, superiority/inferiority, anger  and even insecurities, must die, before we can truly allow actual intimacy on the soul level, to occur. The only way we’ll loosen our tie to the ego, is by allowing it to die. True intimacy and oneness with God won’t be complete until we allow this to happen.

Further, as we engage in new relationships, with friends, co-workers and even lovers, the same principle stands. Intimacy, in itself, is allowing your ego to die. We often resist and fight this process, by upholding an image, an idea of ourself, only known through the ego. We must die to this, and let go of the ego in order to let the Divine breath pass though us.

Perhaps that is the ultimate sin, the devil, living in egocentrism, as if we’ll lose something when we let the ego die. It’s quite the opposite. When we allow the old, small, egoic-self to die, we gain everything, in access, not self service. We come into the divine, intimate sharing of life, with God.

We grow big, when we come into the capacity to be intimate with all things, and share our being with others. To fear this sharing, this intimacy, is the fear from the ego. Through heart, thought and emotion, we eradicate the need to uphold the false self, which is ultimately, afraid of intimacy. We come into the realization that we’re safe to let our walls down, and reveal truth, without any damage being done. The egoic self is afraid of intimacy, because it knows it must die, to truly share. The egoic, false self, cannot share its being, and cannot allow intimacy, because it’s built upon a foundation of secularism.

Intimacy requires a level of sharing, that is not self fulfilling, but rather, self giving. Those that can only be intimate on a level of self fulfilment, don’t know intimacy at all, I fear. It is a matter of sharing yourself with another, allowing the true self to take over and be shared.

Often times, in sexual encounters, we are self-seeking, for self-fulfillment, instead of self-giving for Divine union. This can be like a dangerous web, that you get tangled up in, because the fulfillment that is self serving is very temporary and short lived, leaving you wanting/needing more.

Our ability to freely give ourselves, and allow intimate connections with others, to me, is the very place of life. These close connections  strengthen our ability to be secure within ourselves, and allow growth and development, which is the byway for life. If not, we’re trapped by our own fallacies of our false self image.

I believe that those who cannot get intimate in conversation, in bond, in emotion or even relation to others, are continually experiencing death. They are living behind the mask of the ego and are un-awakened to theirDivine infinite being.

The awareness of the true self, is the realization that the true self cannot be damaged, harmed or affected in any way, by being intimate. -Sharing without reservations, is true intimacy.

So, go be intimate! Share yourself, in Divine union with all that is. Coexist will all things, without the fear of the false-self death. You’ll feel much happier as you experience freedom in intimacy!

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