Channeling Spirit to Answer Your Questions

Channeling Spirit and Answering Your Questions

Leo– “ Hey Kim, are you able to confirm that the life I’m trying to manifest and see in my future, is going to play out the way I want it to? Any serious road blocks?

Hey Leo! I hope you’ve been doing well through this crazy year! It’s great to see you on here every now and then! Thank you for your question!

  1. “ Leo, first, practice removing your concern or any attachment with the outcome of your life. Fear of the unknown will have you pinned down and stagnate you worse than anything. Manifest through doing what you love, because you love it, and no other reason. Not because you are attached to an outcome. That attachment will weave karma instantly and rob you of presence in the now. After all, that is truly the only way to manifest, by staying in the now. Confirm your life, and your desires by removing doubt. Doubt and uncertainty allows other possibilities the chance to manifest off of you. Be in joy of receiving your heart’s desires, and you’ll attract it and manifest faster than ‘trying’. That energy pushes away. You have nothing to fear and nothing to lose. Strap your wings on and fly! Allow your life the freedom to play out in your highest and best interest by loosening your grip. Give life, the ultimate guru, some wiggle room to create beauty for you. You have a very strong will and have already moved mountains, but did you forget to see? Take the time to see. You’re on your way Leo!”

Amy L.  “ I feel soooo stuck in so many areas of life. I feel it’s me though…holding myself back. I need some direction and I’m having trouble finding it.”

Hi Amy! It’s so good to hear from you! Spirit has great adoration over you as they answer this question. I feel it’s time you reward yourself. You’ve made it through so much! I hope this message from spirit truly helps you! Xoxo

“ Amy, Our child, you are not forgotten. We know you feel alone and stuck. Lay your trust in us again, and in goodness. It is your first gift of this world. Let your heart beat again, in passion for the things that make you feel like an innocent child. You’re not abandoned, although you feel disconnected. You are not stuck because there is no opportunity, don’t give up on yourself. Go back to doing the things that you love the most. The things that light you up. This means receiving your authenticity. In order to do this, you’ll need to sacrifice whatever remains that is not authentic to you. Connect deeply to yourself to open up connection to the world around you again. Going through the motions isn’t enough. Resisting your current life and situations will become a holding pattern upon you until you accept. Once you begin there, you’ll shift what is available to you and open your life up tremendously.”

Beth H. “What does my dad do on the other side?”

Beth, thank you for submitting this question! I felt your lighthearted energy and curiosity around this question. I hope you resonate with and enjoy this message from spirit!

“Beth, your father’s passing may have been sudden, but he’s very grateful for the freedom he has where he is now. He has a curiosity and playfulness about him like you do. He’s evolved through restoring many aspects of himself and becoming whole. You can think of your father like a social butterfly now, very curious about everything, so bouncing around through his curiosity in his consciousness. You can also think of him as a visitor to you often.”

Denise R. – “Any messages from my son Christian, who passed at age 17 on 29 Oct, 2015? Thank you Kim.”

Denise, thank you for reaching out, I acknowledge your courage here. The energy grabbed as I read your question so here we are. I hope this lands with you in a way that brings peace and acceptance. He just wants you to know that he IS with you, and he loves you.

“ I’m sorry mom. I know I passed way too young in your eyes, and too fast. You’ didn’t get to say goodbye and I’m sorry. I love you mom and I know you think of me all the time, I know how much you love me. I want you to have peace and I don’t want you to feel bad about being happy. I AM still there and with you, so it’s ok to let yourself be happy around others. I cherish the life you gave me mom. Look for the nickels (coins) I love you mom. I’m here, I love you. (He’s blowing you kisses, and also blowing a dandelion apart He’s also referencing a picture you have of him, either a small picture you carry with you, or you’ve recently done something with his picture.)” He was also showing me birthday candles so there must be a birthday in the family that is near. Some specific reference to a birthday.  Know that he loves you so very much and keeps reassuring you that he is ok and very much at peace, with a grandfather figure. Xoxo

Nicole J.- “Why do I value other people’s opinions of myself higher than my own thoughts?”

Nicole, I honor and acknowledge your courage to share this here, and your vulnerability. May this enrich you.

Sometimes, if we don’t value ourselves or love ourselves, it is easy to look for validation in others. The need to feel and be accepted by others leads to inauthenticity and our actions begin to betray our own heart. The need to be accepted by others will make you invisible to this world. We want to see you, and the real you stand out. This world needs you to be great! We don’t want you to blend in.

Liberate yourself by accepting the things that make you different. Learn to love the things that make you different, but the first step is accepting. Authenticity is truly your place of freedom, your place to flow and feel free!.. whereas living to satisfy others’ expectations of you will immediately trap you. Say yes to yourself over and over, until saying no to yourself feels impossible. Sending you so much love and support!

Well my friends, I hope this has been enlightening for everyone reading! If you took time to read this, you’re meant to! I’m still reading every comment and grabbing them all. I’ll try to address at least a couple a day on the blog!

Have wonderful night! And from spirit, “ BE BLESSED.”

Truly yours, Kimberly

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