5 Quick Tips to Stay Inspired

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Good morning! It’s Monday and that means another powerful opportunity for great experiences this week! Ya know, I used to hate Mondays because I always felt like it meant the fun was over for another week, but now I realize that was my own, pitiful creation! So I’ve decided to break that mold and continue seeking opportunities of fun and inspiration all throughout the week! So now, Mondays to me feel like a stack full of opportunities and plenty of time for creativity!

Update: I’m taking a new spin on my blogging, inspired by a dear friend on mine, Jorge. His theory on many things in life is to “be brave, be brilliant, be gone.”  So, that’s a fancy way of saying that my blogging and writing will take on a new “short & sweet” format that is easier to read, short, sweet and to the point!

Hope you enjoy!


News: Radio Show FINALLY happening! I’ll be hosting my very own LIVE radio show on OM TIMES Radio! I am over the moon about this venture and can’t wait to share it with all of you! In this LIVE show I’ll be able to share tips and guidance from my guides, as well as take callers on the air, and channel my guides to answer questions!

I am in the pre-production phase, setting everything up and will share the details when it’s all finalized! Keep your eyes on my Facebook page and website for more information and first show announcement! REMEMBER: topic suggestions are always welcome!

Today’s post is about staying inspired, even when you feel Jaded, dull or numb.  This post is inspired by my guides along with many recent questions in private sessions.

We all go through phases in our lives when we feel insignificant, run down and jaded. It’s normal, so take the pressure off of yourself, and release the urge to judge yourself for it! Here are some helpful tips to keep you grounded in inspiration and feeling expanded!

1. Intentions:

The use of intentions will help you to ground your energy and keep from feeling aloof. Set an intention and see it through. Align mentally, emotionally and physically, and allow everything else that doesn’t align, to fall away. (This is the fast track to manifestation: 😉) The use of your intentions will be your direct salvation from suffering.

2. Rituals:

Identify and cultivate at least one weekly ritual and one daily ritual you can uphold for yourself. These will keep you on track with creativity and grounded presence. Weekly rituals can be anything from a creative activity, an outing or allotted time for yourself listening to your favorite music. Daily rituals can be as simple as aura cleansing and burning incense. Get creative with your rituals! Interweave sensuality and love the things you do for yourself. Rituals are important because they cultivate a high-quality presence within you, as you ground your self-awareness through them.

3. Curiosity:

Upholding a continual sense of curiosity creates unity, as it disarms our diversities and neutralizes adversities. When we allow ourselves to stay curious about other people, other cultures, new ways of life, adventures and experiences, that curiosity will keep our spirit alive and well! Immerse yourself in your curiosity! You’ll fall in love with what you discover and feel renewed inspiration! Hold space for curiosity and be inspired!

4. Creativity:

Allow yourself to be as creative as possible, in every outlet possible. You are a creative being, with endless energy to CREATE! Creativity is the flow of life force energy! And when we express creativity we are allowing the life force energy to flow through us, re-ignite our being and expand ourselves. Express your creativity and try new things! You’ll feel yourself come to life with every opportunity to express creatively. Remember, it’s not about the outcome, it’s about the passion.

5. Simplicity

Keep it simple! We are beings that have built value around complexities and that can quickly lead us to feeling jaded. Forget that! Keep everything in life as simple as possible, and DON’T OVERTHINK ANYTHING. As soon as we begin to overthink something, we have closed the door to inspiration and now are operating from obligation. There is a freedom and free flowing energy in simplicity-it is a place that is worriless. Evaluate different areas in your life that you can simplify, to keep the spirit soaring. Making things hard, complex or even precalculated leaves no room for inspiration. Focus on the lighter feeligs of simplicity and keep your spirit inspired!

Have a powerful Monday and practice these tips to help you to stay inspired! Live your best life! Big love!

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