5.28 Cultivations

Happy Friday my loves! My goodness what a day this is! I am so excited to finally be here, in this space again and sharing with you all!! It has been a long and bumpy journey to get here. I'll explain.

Many of you are aware of my desire to launch a podcast and talk regularly about the things I love- the multiverse, sound healing, quantum mechanics, channeling spirit, cultivating intuition and so much more. I also have a passion for teaching what spirit has taught me, and I'm going to! Incredible things are happening and I'll keep you posted!!

Meanwhile, I have written a few courses and recorded a few videos that teach some of these concepts.

The first course will be available tomorrow! May 29th!!

I am not tech-savy by any stretch of the imagination, so that's why it has been such a slow process for me. Nor am I an editor, so much of what you'll see will be to the best of my skill- level! :)

This new website I made is to offer a clean, fresh look at the things I'll be sharing and have curated in my heart over the years. But to truly give those things a good home, I needed to start by polishing the foundation first, which is why I built myself a whole new website. One that I can operate myself so I can feel directly connected to the work thatI do and share!

I decided to launch this on my birthday today not just because 5.28 is my b-day but because 528hz is a miralce frequency, a very healing frequency and so that is why I wanted to launch on this date. It is very dear to my heart. I wanted my work bathed in the frequency of this day!

As time marches on, you will see me add many more features and content to this site-starting tomorrow! Videos, guided meditations, blogs and so much more! I look so forward to using the forum too, for an ongoing conversation space to share what you're thinking about, and build a community!

This site is nowhere near where I wanted it to be for this day, but, that is ok. I accept where it is for now, and finally have a home I've created for my work!

I love you all dearly, and cannot thank you enough for your continued love and support over the years! I am deeply devoted, now more than ever before, to this work, and to all of YOU!

The best is yet to be!

I'm hoping to announce some really big news in a few months, maybe sooner. My heart is so happy!

It feels so good to be here, with you.

Namaste my loves!

~ Kimberly